Roman makes it right for the family with a brutal assault on The Mysterios

Roman Reigns expected The Usos to bring him the SmackDown Tag Team Titles
After a change of heart from last week, Universal Champion Roman Reigns informed The Usos that if they say they are going to do something, they had better do it. Making it clear that the entire family would be watching, The Head of the Table told Jimmy & Jey to get the job done and bring him back the SmackDown Tag Team Championships.

Rey & Dominik Mysterio def. The Usos in a SmackDown Tag Team Title Match
In the height of an extremely hard-fought SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match, the reunited Usos failed to overcome The Mysterios when the referee was out of position during a Dominik pin attempt and did not see Jimmy Usos’ shoulder lift off the mat.

Seth Rollins walked out of interview following questions about Cesaro retribution
The SmackDown Savior brought an abrupt end to his interview with Kayla Braxton when the issue of The Swiss Superman’s return came up.

Carmella def. Liv Morgan
Incensed by Carmella’s attitude about her perceived beauty, Liv Morgan’s attempted to show her opponent that beauty is pain. However, she came up short when The Untouchable One make her tap out to The Code of Silence.

In the wake of her victory, Carmella demanded that she be referenced as “The Most Beautiful Woman in all of WWE.”

Bianca Belair challenged Bayley to a match at WWE Hell in a Cell
SmackDown Women’s Champion Bianca Belair looked to put an end to Bayley recent disrespect by challenging The Role Model to a matchup at WWE Hell In A Cell. Although Bayley would accept the contest via satellite, she still manged to throw additional humiliation at the titleholder when she appeared laughing on all the screens of the ThunderDome screens.

King Corbin def. Shinsuke Nakamura
Although King Corbin picked up a quick victory over Shinsuke Nakamura and reclaimed his crown from ringside, Rick Boogs grabbed his legs as he was taking his leave and paved the way for the The Artist to hit him with the big boot and walk away with the crown once again.

Apollo Crews def. Kevin Owens in an Intercontinental Title Match
Although Commander Azeez is banned from ringside for the Intercontinental Title Match, The Pride of Nigeria’s elite guardsman managed to launch an backstage attack on Kevin Owens prior to the action. As a result, KO’s hard-fought effort during the matchup was not enough to overcame Crews who drove his war torn challenger off of the top turnbuckle and down onto the unforgiving ring apron for the victory.

Rey & Dominik Mysterio def. The Usos by Disqualifacation: Roman Reigns unleashed a vicious assault on the Mysterio
Following a controversial ending to the SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match earlier in the night, the Mysterios looked as if they may emerge victorious in the height of the rematch against The Usos. That was until Universal Champion Roman Reigns emerged out of nowhere to bring an end to the match and unleash an absolutely brutal attack on Rey and Dominik.

After locking Dominik in the Guillotine, however, Jimmy Uso took issue and informed The Head of the Table that it was enough before storming out of the ring.

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