Roman Reigns overcomes Edge, John Cena returns at WWE Money in the Bank

Big E emerged victorious in their respective Money in the Bank Ladder Matches
Big E emerged victorious in their respective Money in the Bank Ladder Matches

The Usos def. Rey & Dominik Mysterio to win the SmackDown Tag Team Championship (Kickoff Match)

On the WWE Money in the Bank Kickoff, the second stop on WWE’s return in front of live audiences, Jimmy Jey Uso fulfilled the prophecy of their cousin, Universal Champion Roman Reigns, and defeated Rey & Dominik Mysterio to capture the SmackDown Tag Team Titles.

After sending both his opponents flying from the ring, Dominik Mysterio goes high-risk to try and take out both Jey & Jimmy Uso.

Cheered by the vocal WWE Universe inside the sold-out Dickies Arena, the father-son alliance of Rey & Dominik used a vast arsenal of high-flying moves to put The Usos on their heels, and The Mysterios appeared primed for victory as Rey dialed up the 619 against Jimmy. Jey, however, sacrificed himself in the name of family and took the blow for his brother, giving Jimmy time to recover and drill The Ultimate Underdog with a thunderous superkick.

The Usos then prepared to put away the elder Mysterio with a double top-rope splash, only for Dominik to save the day by ripping Jey off the turnbuckle. In the chaotic moments that immediately followed, Jimmy rolled up Rey, and Jey, outside the ref’s sightline, provided an assist by putting his weight behind his twin brother’s pin attempt, denying Mysterio any chance of kicking out.

The Usos’ victory marks their fifth reign as SmackDown Tag Team Champions and seventh tag team title win overall. But if you were to ask Jimmy & Jey, odds are they’d say even those incredible milestones pale in comparison to what matters most: making The Head of the Table proud.

Nikki A.S.H. won the Money in the Bank Ladder Match

FORT WORTH, Texas —Nikki A.S.H. can’t fly (yet), and she might not be faster than a speeding bullet, but after winning the first Money in the Bank Ladder Match of the night, the caped competitor possesses something even sweeter: a World Title Match contract that she can cash in anytime, anyplace, for up to a year.

Nikki’s path to the career-defining W was perilous to say the least. Standing in her way was a field of seven other fierce competitors, including past contract-holders Alexa Bliss and Asuka, WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Natalya and Tamina, former SmackDown Women’s Champion Naomi, plus the ever-plucky Liv Morgan and the cunning Zelina Vega.

Morgan was a persistent threat throughout the match, finding opportune moments to scale the ladder whenever she could. She jumped on Natalya’s back while The Queen of Harts was near the top of the ladder and applied a sleeper hold, nearly putting Natalya out and coming within inches of grabbing the briefcase. Tamina used her strength and mean streak to brutalize everyone in sight, while Naomi’s unparalleled speed and agility kept her a step ahead of the pack. A.S.H. wasn’t afraid to throw caution to the wind, flattening the entire field with a huge cross body block off a ladder.

Alexa Bliss sets her sights on her former tag team partner, as Nikki A.S.H attempts to grab the Money in the Bank contract.

Perhaps the most dangerous threat came in the form of Bliss’ supernatural powers; at one point, her icy glare put Vega into a trance, stopping Vega in her tracks just before she reached the briefcase. To neutralize Bliss’ otherworldly powers, the seven other Superstars teamed up to bury Bliss under a deluge of ladders.

With Bliss ostensibly done, Asuka, Morgan, Naomi, Natalya, Zelina and Tamina focused on the prize and fought their way up three ladders in the middle of the ring. That’s when Nikki seized her moment, and with her opponents paired off and exchanging fisticuffs, she climbed on Natalya’s back and unclasped the briefcase for the win.

Believe in yourself and anything is possible. So goes the Nikki A.S.H. creed, and perhaps nobody epitomizes that more than Nikki herself. Sure, she is Almost a Superhero, but after tonight, there’s no denying that she is Ms. Money in the Bank.

Raw Tag Team Champions AJ Styles & Omos def. The Viking Raiders

FORT WORTH, Texas — AJ Styles & Omos’ phenomenal Raw Tag Team Title reign lives to see another day, as the former World Champion and his own personal colossus staved off the potent challenge of The Viking Raiders.

Fed up with Styles’ constant putdowns of the Viking culture, Erik and Ivar were hungry for a fight, and Styles was happy to oblige… by tagging in Omos at the outset. This gave the WWE Universe a closer look at Omos, the competitor, than ever, as he manhandled Ivar and Erik with frightening ease. Later, he and Styles showed off their tandem offense when Omos threw The Phenomenal One over the top rope and onto the floor, where he landed on Erik with an eye-popping hurricanrana.

The Phenomenal One trades crushing blows with both Erik & Ivar in a hard-hitting Raw Tag Team Title showdown.

The Viking Raiders fought back, and through a tenacious tandem effort, they even ejected the massive Omos from the ring, though they were never able to take the big man off his feet completely. Still, Omos’ unparalleled power was a gamechanger anytime he flexed his muscle, like when he press-slammed Ivar, disposing of the 305-pounder like a used tissue.

Refusing to go down without a fight, Ivar and Erik forged ahead and connected with a well-timed Viking Experience that nearly spelled the end for the champions. But as Ivar covered Styles, Omos shoved the charging Erik into the dogpile, breaking up Ivar’s pin attempt. The colossus then reentered the match and sent Erik plummeting to the mat with a two-handed slam to score the deciding fall.

WWE Champion Bobby Lashley def. Kofi Kingston

FORT WORTH, Texas — If there were any lingering doubts that WWE Champion Bobby Lashley had rediscovered his killer instinct, they were laid to rest at WWE Money in the Bank, where The All Mighty Superstar demolished Kofi Kingston in one of the most dominant title defenses in recent memory.

Kingston, an oft-thought underdog who has proven his best-in-the-world bona fides before, came close to regaining the WWE Title once, during the early goings: MVP grabbed Kingston’s foot right as the bell rang, but Kofi broke free, evaded the charging Lashley, and collected a near-fall after a double foot stomp.

The All Mighty WWE Champion tosses Kofi Kingston outside the ring, as he dismantles the title hopes of his challenger.

That close call was more than enough for The All Mighty, who promptly snapped into beast mode and proceeded to thrash Kingston with unbridled intensity for the remainder of the fight.

The WWE Universe tried to rally The New Day member with chants of “Kofi,” to no avail. If anything, their support for Kingston only fueled the champion’s rage. Lashley hurled Kingston over the ropes and onto the floor, unleashed a series of organ-quaking throws and punished his challenger with not one, not two, but three Dominators before shushing the stunned WWE Universe. The scene resembled a lion toying with its prey.

Lashley finally showed a modicum of mercy by cinching in the Hurt Lock and sending Kingston to dreamland, leaving the referee no choice but to call for the bell.

After such a shocking display of utter dominance, the WWE Universe can only wonder who, if anyone, will dare step to Lashley next.

Charlotte Flair def. Rhea Ripley to win the Raw Women’s Championship

The Nightmare looks to bring the fight to The Queen in a Raw Women’s Championship battle.

Haymakers and kicks were thrown with reckless abandon, underscoring the deep-seated animosity that has defined the rivalry. The Nightmare battered Flair with every ounce of energy she had, at one point fighting off fatigue late in the match to muscle Charlotte into a suplex that nearly blew the roof off Dickies Arena.

Not to be outdone, Charlotte returned fire with a moonsault from the top rope to the floor. A desperation Natural Selection from the top rope stunned Ripley but only garnered a two-count, causing the WWE Universe to erupt into chants of “This is awesome!”

As the match wore on, Ripley countered the Figure Eight by sending Charlotte head-first into the ring post. Charlotte nonetheless regained her senses and turned up the ruthlessness, trapping Ripley’s left knee between the ring post and steps and repeatedly kicking the steps, decimating The Nightmare’s knee in the process.

With Ripley in clear agony, Charlotte then reapplied the Figure Eight, forcing the submission and securing title win No. 14.

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